Oct 162012

>>>UPDATE 17/10/12:
In less than 20 hours of pre-orders the “Limited Edition + free gift” bundles have all sold out! But we still have some standard Limited Edition bundles left so make sure you get yours before they all disappear! Click the link at the bottom of this post to reserve your copy.<<<

[singlepic id=501 w=320 h=240 float=right]Pre-orders of “UPGRADE 1.0 〜The Complete UPGRADE Limited Edition〜” are now available right here! This limited edition bundle includes bonus material only available from Japanese stores as well as artwork exclusive to BentleyJones.com. At Bentley’s request, a very small amount of these bundles have been made available so that international fans have an opportunity to grab all of this UPGRADE goodness! “The Complete UPGRADE” ships worldwide on 24th October. Below is the full listing of what you’ll find in this package. Click “Add to Cart” at the bottom of this post to reserve your copy now!

01 Down in Tokyo (UPGRADE Ver.)
02 who.am.i.? (featuring May J. and Curtis Young)
03 Sexy People
04 Ready to be Loved
05 Boys and Girls (featuring 柴田知美)
06 The City of Angels
07 DizKonnekt 〜Touchscreen Segue〜
08 Touchscreen
09 Invincible (featuring SHUN)
10 Let Me Be With You
12 Emersion 〜Intermezzo〜
13 理由〜Give me a Reason〜
14 Joyful (UPGRADE Wynter Ver.)
15 Just for You

UPGRADE 0.1 〜Non-stop Megamix〜 [Bonus CD-R]
Mixed by VDJ Ta-shi (The Clock Position)
01 MUZIK (Curtis Young featuring Bentley Jones – PHUNKSTAR Vocal Mix)
02 Bad Boi
03 Invincible (featuring SHUN)
04 Oh-Wei-Oh (Devil in Headphones – PHUNKSTAR Radio Mix)
05 Down in Tokyo (UPGRADE Ver.)
06 Sexy People (PHUNKSTAR Radio Mix)

Mixed by Bentley
08 Oh-Wei-Oh (Devil in Headphones – Original Mix)
09 MUZIK (Curtis Young featuring Bentley Jones – Original Mix)
10 Touchscreen (PHUNKSTAR Vocal Mix)
11 Ready to be Loved (PHUNKSTAR Vocal Mix)
12 Let Me Be With You
13 Joyful (UPGRADE Wynter Ver.)
14 Down in Tokyo (UPGRADE Ver.)

UPGRADE 0.2 〜Videos〜 [Bonus DVD] [HD MP4 Video Download]
01 Sexy People (Video)
02 Joyful (UPGRADE Wynter Ver.) (Video)

2x large glossy UPGRADE 1.0 album artwork signed by Bentley

First orders will include a free UPGRADE 1.0 promotional poster (subject to availability). SOLD OUT

Price: £20.00
(approx USD32.00)

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