New Singles! New Album! New Videos! New Remix Album! OMFG! AND THERE’S MORE!!!1!!1!?!1!!

It’s about time!! I’ve been dying to make this announcement and hopefully you’ll understand why it’s been so long in the delivery.

First, to get some unpleasantness out of the way; I have officially left my Japanese record label Sound Future and my manager Yutaka Kato. This decision was made due to multiple breaches of contract by the company – not just to me, but to several individuals. All enquiries regarding my work – past, present and future – should be channelled through myself directly. Any responses from anyone other than myself, my legal team or Remix Factory Music should not be considered authentic.

Thank you all for your love and support through this very stressful time. I offer my sincerest apologies as this situation has essentially halted my artist activities for the past 5 – 6 months. I can assure you; this is set to change immediately… (~.^)

Right now I’m discussing the possibility of joining a new label. But in the meantime, to get some new music to you as soon as possible I will be releasing 2 new singles + videos independently through Remix Factory Music. The first being a free download as a thank you for sticking by me these past few months. And the second single is potentially the lead song from a new studio album!

Also to look forward to is a compilation of my best remixes over the past 10 years. PHUNKSTAR 10th Anniversary Best Remixes Collection will be released very soon by the lovely folks at DMC. In addition I am in talks about presenting my own podcast show also hosted by DMC. This will coincide with the new brand of remixes – all of which I’ll elaborate on in the blog later.

As well as all this, I’ll be doing the usual composing and arranging with the Factory guys. I’ve already been working on some new projects recently so keep your eyes peeled for those!

My whole approach to my work will be undergoing some serious changes this year. The main priority being involving you guys much more in the production side of things. I feel I need to reconnect with you guys after such an eventful 12 months and this new album is the perfect opportunity.

So… what do ya think? Wanna make some music together? (~.^)

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