Bandana-na-na PV & Limited Free Download! + New single preview!

I wanted to offer “Bandana-na-na” as a free download to all the TRUTHSt4lk3rz for sticking by me for what has turned out to be a surprisingly challenging few months. As you can immediately tell, the song is a highly introspective, emotive, intellectual piece about the personal, professional and political troubles we face living in today’s modern society…

TRUTHSt4lk3rz can download the track for free here.

The Bandana video wouldn’t have been possible without the twisted sense of humour from my partner in crime Jayne. I don’t consider myself that funny a person tbh, so without her input the final result wouldn’t have been half as entertaining! xoxox

More importantly, I’ve also used the video as an opportunity to tease you with the first single from what might become my next album! (Check the above video at 2.25) I wanted “Bandana-na-na” to lighten the mood after recent events, also before starting the next project which already has a significantly darker tone. “ICUCM” will be a double A-side in some territories and here on with “Ain’t Nobody” – a cover that fuses my personal indulgence for symphonica and dark electronica. I’m super-psyched for you to hear it!! (^^)

“ICUCM” features the uber-talented Mark McLaughlin of Phats and Small fame and was originally intended to continue the electro-pop streak from UPGRADE. But to make sure I faithfully captured the essence of the song, the B-side will be a full orchestral version – especially for many of you who are followers of my score work! (~.^)

I’ll be taking most of the weekend off, but next week we’ll be working on getting more TS content for you including the first newsletter, remix stems, competitions and more. Also at some point soon I’ll be allowing the TS to preview all tracks from the new single!

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