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[O_U user_role=”Subscriber,Administrator” blocked_message=”TS Content: Log into your TRUTHSt4lk3r account to view this post“]I have been rather busy this weekend, this time writing songs for other artists again! But more on that later. (~.^) Now that I have a few minutes I wanted to post this for the gallant TRUTHSt4lk3rz who have helped get so many views on the “Bandana-na-na” video (well done by the way!).

I wanted to strip some of the glamour from the video for “ICUCM”. With the original version being an EDM number it would have been easy to do a club or dance video. But the essence of the song is about unconditional love and acceptance of yourself and others, so I wanted to reflect that by having a broader range of characters to emphasise the universal message. And being a song so close to my heart, all the people in the video are my own friends and family!! (^^)

So here they are, in order of appearance…



With my new music project being called “TRUTH”, it got me thinking about the concept of truth itself. And more often than not, truth is lost through lack of communication. So we came up with a character who had been shunned by the world and lives in a dank little corridor who wears a mask so he can’t speak. The only way he can communicate with people is by applying a tattoo message to one of his creepy voodoo mannequins so that they appear on real people in the real world.

Nope… none of us were high when we came up with this concept.

The secret, however, is that the tattoo artist is played by someone you all know quite well and have seen and heard before………..!



I grew quite attached to these pair during this shoot. Mainly because they were living in my studio for a few weeks beforehand. Though their appearances are fleeting, it’s my personal opinion that they truly steal the show with the video’s best performance by far.



You may recognise Reeblez from the “Sexy People” video. She actually had a much longer sequence planned, making the most of her love of books and the message that “knowledge is power” but alas, the video was too long and so it had to be cut. Still… maybe a recut for the orchestral version? (~.^)



Some ginger bloke. He sings a bit.


Mark McLaughlin

Mark is a very close friend of mine, one of my few musical friends actually! Mark has had his own success in the past providing vocals for the number 1 UK dance group Phats and Small as well as having his own solo hits in Europe. Ironically one of my favourite elements of this video is that the vocalists (me and Mark) are hardly in it, with the rest of the cast being the lead characters. I feel that we’re simply narrators giving commentary to everyone else’s story.


Ben’s bro

Okay ladies, I noticed several of you speculating what one of my non-ginger sibling counterparts looks like – and here he is! Football has ways been a hobby for my brother, since when we were kids playing out in the yard – I’d be in goal and usually the one who kicks the ball onto the neighbour’s roof. Show of hands for anyone who’s done the same?

So, naturally, one FREEEEEEEZING winter evening we stalked him to his training and filmed him.



I wanted to represent the elder generation in this video, and with most of my grandparents no longer with us I turned to my Godparents and their mom Elsie. So I think that makes her my God-grandparent…?! Anyways, Elsie was kind enough to let me film her while we popped over to catch up and have a cuppa. She was a great sport and her footage came out looking truly wonderful.



Laura’s one of my oldest friends and an example that true friendship can reconnect at any time. Both our lives are a bit hectic, but when we speak it’s like no time has passed. She’s been through several life changing experiences over the past few years, including getting married and having her first child. And since I’ve done neither of those things, it was an opportunity to share her story.



Ah! Everyone likes a cute baby! (^^) Even though I’m admittedly slightly childphobic (sorry!) I can’t deny Harry’s cuteness. Though he didn’t enjoy his time in front of the camera! I was struck by his big blue eyes which, thankfully, were not hindered in the edit. No filtering going on here – his eyes are really that blue!! (((0__________0)))

So there you have it. The entire cast. The concept is a little out there, but I truly love this video and I can’t wait to share it with you. And now, hopefully you can connect with the characters in the same way that I do. (^^)

The “ICUCM” video will be available here and on YouTube on 24th May.


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