TPWDE – New EP Preview! Well, sort of…


Here’s the deal about the new EP…

I had it all figured out… the tracklist… the artwork… the videos… and like nearly all of my best laid plans something comes along to crank a great big spanner in the works. (~.^)

As most of you already know by now, I’ve joined Avex in Japan as a writer and producer (one of the worst kept secrets, I know. The official announcement still isn’t for a couple of weeks! ^^). So I’ve been writing songs for other artists like crazy for the past few months, as well as keeping my new management informed of the songs I plan to release for myself. Everything was fine until they heard the new EP I was hoping to preview to you all today.

They loved it. So much so that they requested that I not release 2 of the songs from it because another artist loved them so much they wanted to record them themselves. The only reason I’ve agreed to this is because the artist is someone I’ve admired for a very long time and I know that if they do decide to record either of these two songs, it’ll be done in a manner I would be proud of.

But this artist is still deciding. And until they make some sort of decision either way, these two songs remain in limbo. Which is why, in conclusion, I can’t give you audio clips of ALL the tracks from the new EP.

So now I must decide the fate of this EP… whether I can find time to write and record replacement songs… to release the EP with the current shorter track list… to wait and see if the previous 2 tracks will become available again… or to just simply release them all as singles as and when they are ready.

Let me know what you guys think. And in the meantime, here’s the preview of the EP’s remaining tracks – lemme know what you think of those too!! ^^

tpwde_preview The Place Where Dreaming Ends
lookmama_preview Look Mama! (They Stole My Song)
alettertomyex_preview A Letter to my Ex

Please note this EP is still in production.

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