Evolve: Artwork Revealed!

I wanted to change my image this year… I wanted to grow up a little… I wanted to Westernise myself without ignoring my roots… I wanted to push the envelope… I wanted to take things to a darker, more interesting place… I wanted to stay true to myself… I wanted to Evolve…

This was a really interesting shoot in the sense that it was so simple and happened so fast. The stills were taken at the same shoot as the promo video in between takes. To get a complimentary light on the skin as well as accentuate the muscle shapes we simply used 1 soft box positioned at a high angle to illuminate the face and cast shadows under the muscles at the same time. Like my best friend Leckie said – “most often the simplest ideas are the most effective.”

These are by far my favourite promo shots. I always begin my projects with an image in mind and these pictures are ***exactly*** what I was imagining. This is also the first shoot since being 100% independent again which makes me even more proud.

Let the evolution commence.

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