B-Hive Welcomes Bentley as Potential Ambassador with Live Performance

Bentley in RehearsalsTomorrow Bentley will be performing live as part of a consideration process for him to become an ambassador for the UK organisation B-Hive.

The volunteer-led group provides social activities and events for vulnerable adults as well as their friends, families and supporters. Undergoing recent and continuing expansion, B-Hive has been looking for a public figure to represent the group as well as provide a positive role model for its existing members.

“As well as being an incredibly talented artist,” explains founder Carlton, “Bentley’s music encourages a message of tolerance, understanding and inclusion that is identical to our ethos. Many of our members are already big fans of his music and his videos”

“The “Axiomatis” video particularly caught my eye,” adds chairperson Marie. “The way he managed to involve his fans from all around the world was inspiring. It’s that type of visionary that we want for our group.”

Bentley will be performing live at B-Hive’s Bonfire Party tomorrow the 6th November in front of the organisation’s staff and existing members which is also open to the public. Tickets are available from B-Hive on 0333 5777 810 or e-mail enquiry@haywardbefriending.org.uk.

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