“So Much More… 2015” revealed for “Play (Chapter III)”

In typical Bentley fashion, a short preview of a brand new “So Much More…” was revealed on social media earlier today. The song will feature on Ben’s “Play (TRANS//LATION 3 Chapter III)” EP released on Saturday.

“Play” is the third and final instalment of Bentley’s TRANS//LATION 3 covers project released to celebrate his birthday. Each chapter focuses on a specific area of Ben’s career, with “Play” concentrating on his various soundtrack work. As well as self covers of “So Much More…” originally from the video-game “Sonic & SEGA All-stars Racing” and “Your Sunrise” theme from a Japanese TEKKEN arcade title, the EP includes Bentley’s interpretations of “Sanctuary” from “Kingdom Hearts II”, “Still Alive” from “Mirror’s Edge”, “As the World Falls Down” from one of Ben’s favourite movies “Labyrinth” and “Narakunohana” from the anime “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai”.

“Play” will be available from all international retailers on Saturday but will be exclusively be available right here on BentleyJones.com tomorrow. “TRANS//LATION 3: The Complete Anthology” – the limited edition physical collection of the entire project – will have its release date announced within the next week or so. However, you can already preorder it right here.

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