“Unravelling” – What Do We Know?

[:en]As we all lie in the wake of an enormous surprise single that has dropped out of no-where, we couldn’t help but notice the note sneakily tucked away in the YouTube description that reads “from the forthcoming album “Unravelling”. So immediately I decided to piece together the bits of cryptic evidence that Ben has left across social media to start building an impression of what we can expect from this new album.

Firstly it’s clear from “Sounds of the Summer” that a new style has been established with a crisp, 80s inspired synth bass and punchy 808 percussion. This airy and tight new sound seems a world away from the raw edginess of “The Rebellion” and yet has a familiar vibe with Ben’s past electronic projects like “UPGRADE”.

hikarievidence After the success of Ben’s “Sanctuary / Passion” cover from Kingdom Hearts 2 a influx of requests came in for Ben to apply his magic to “Simple and Clean / 光” from KH1. Eventually Ben responded with a YouTube comment confirming he’s recorded it and it’s a safe bet it’ll be appearing on the album.

It’s no secret this has been a challenging year for Ben with the death of his father and having major surgery for a long-term hip injury. And it seems Ben will be tackling these darker subjects head-on with this album. Earlier this month he tweeted the following lyrics from the title track:

Finally it seems we have some fresh collaborations to look forward to! Ben hasn’t done any collaborations (on his own songs at least) since “UPGRADE” and “ICUCM”. Now Ben has made some new friends and has hinted that there are multiple collabs on this new album:

More information on “Unravelling” will be coming soon.[:]

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