NEW COLLAB: “The Timekeeper” by Color Theory

Following the first collaboration of 2017 “Have a Nice Day” with Marq Aurel and Rayman Rave – which charted in both the German Dance Charts and Singapore iTunes Chart – comes another gem in the form of “The Timekeeper” by Color Theory.

Known for his unique brand of synth-pop heavily influenced by 80s bands such as Depeche Mode, Color Theory is a social media king boasting over 2 million Twitter followers. “The Timekeeper” is a conceptual track about a timekeeper who manages our internal clock as well as how much time we have left. Bentley croons a swelling chorus hook which is layered with Color Theory’s complimentary melody.

“The Timekeeper” is available now as a Patreon exclusive track. Click here to become a Patron of Color Theory and download “The Timekeeper” now.