Oct 112013

wreckingballAs Miley Cyrus looks set to hit the UK #1 spot this week with her single “Wrecking Ball”, DMC also unleashed Bentley’s official PHUNKSTAR remix of the track which was also voted “Mix of the Week” on DMC’s download site, the world’s number 1 DJ website.

This news arrived just days after Bentley confirmed that he is remixing Britney Spears’ new single “Work B**ch”.

The PHUNKSTAR Radio Mix of “Wrecking Ball” is out now and the full vocal mix will be available on the next club promo CD released in a couple of weeks.

Download “Wrecking Ball” (PHUNKSTAR Radio Mix) from DMCDownload.com

May 292013

To mark the UK release of Demi Lovato’s enormous single “Heart Attack” a brand new PHUNKSTAR remix was commissioned. And Bentley has made the most of this opportunity to begin moving the PHUNKSTAR sound to new grounds.

“I feel I’m growing up a lot this year, and it’s reflecting in my music,” explains Ben. “The new PHUNKSTAR Evolution mixes will be more a little progressive, deep and techy than before. But don’t worry, I’ll still be doing the big pop remixes every now and again.”

“Heart Attack (PHUNKSTAR Evolution Club Mix)” is available to registered DJs now from DMCWorld.com. MP3 download from DMCDownload.com coming soon.

Last week Ben released his new EP “ICUCM / Ain’t Nobody” which has already been picked up for club promo for the track “ICUCM (featuring Mark McLaughlin)”. You can view the official video for “ICUCM” right here.

ALBUM: 1st Single and news update

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Nov 172008


When taking a break, people generally flee to the opposing coastline. In New York you go to LA, in Sydney you go to Perth… but what do you do if you live right in the middle of rainy ol’ England? You have the east coast (England), where you are more likely to bump into a martian rather than another human being, or the west coast (Wales) which is a combination of seaside towns and picturesque mountains. However, if you dare climb one of these monstrosities beware of the weather (see above)… but the view’s worth it. Continue reading »