WEBSITE: News update on ALL sites!!

 Posted by at 4:48 pm on November 26, 2008
Nov 262008

Well, as you’ve probably noticed a new welcome page has been added to … Thanks for all your support and comments on MySpace… but damn MySpace for over-compressing pictures!! (>___<) So I’ve posted my profile pic above to have a gander in higher quality.

With regards to the website, Continue reading »

ALBUM: 1st Single and news update

 Posted by at 11:24 pm on November 17, 2008
Nov 172008


When taking a break, people generally flee to the opposing coastline. In New York you go to LA, in Sydney you go to Perth… but what do you do if you live right in the middle of rainy ol’ England? You have the east coast (England), where you are more likely to bump into a martian rather than another human being, or the west coast (Wales) which is a combination of seaside towns and picturesque mountains. However, if you dare climb one of these monstrosities beware of the weather (see above)… but the view’s worth it. Continue reading »