Jul 012014

radiosega-1-620x350[1]Bentley is booked in to be RadioSEGA‘s next special guest on their next Live Lounge session. Tune in this Thursday at 8pm BST to hear him take questions and play some never before heard tunes!

Ariana Grande is no Problem for brand new PHUNKSTAR remix

 Posted by at 1:39 pm on June 27, 2014
Jun 272014

Ben has been super busy pushing his forthcoming album “Defying Gravity” into the final stages of production, putting other projects temporarily on hold. But nothing could stop him booking in Ariana Grande in for his PHUNKSTAR remix treatment with her smasher “Problem” featuring Iggy Azalea. Already a monster hit across the pond, Bentley’s official remix will go to club and radio promo in time for its UK release next week.

Jun 232014

Devil May Cry 4It’s been a long while in the making, but finally video-game publisher Capcom have confirmed that Bentley’s rearrangement of the Devil May Cry 4 theme “Shall Never Surrender” entitled “Devil’s Cry” shall receive an official release on Bentley’s forthcoming album.

An early version of Bentley’s “Devil’s Cry” was uploaded to YouTube 3 years ago and has garnered nearly half a million hits without receiving any form of release. This version had approval from the original franchise’s lead composer Tetsuya Shibata, who has discussed collaborating with Bentley later this year.

Now Capcom have given approval for a new official version to be released as part of the CD edition of Bentley’s forthcoming album titled “Defying Gravity”. The new version will be re-recorded and revamped to bring it up-to-date with the album’s style and sound.

Bentley’s new album has been preceded by the singles “Evolve” and “Nothing. Everything.” out now.

Nothing. Everything. – new single out today!!

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Jun 162014

Nothing. Everything.

16th June 2014
Remix Factory

01 Nothing. Everything. (Original Mix)4.11£0.69
02 Nothing. Everything. (Instrumental)4.11£0.69

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May 202014

Bentley is officially collaborating with UK-based Shrewsbury College and they are holding open auditions for dancers to participate in his next music video!

The collaboration formed after Bentley composed several pieces for the college’s forthcoming dance showcase. Bentley also performed alongside dance artist and choreographer Poppy Mansfield in the Birmingham Opera Company’s successful production of “Khovanskygate” this year. Inspiration from his recent dance experience has already been reflected in his new video for the single “Evolve”, a theme he wishes to continue with this next project.

“I wanted “Evolve” to be a performance piece to show people where I am right now,” explains Ben. “The next video “Nothing. Everything.” has a narrative which helps tell the song’s story. For “I Have Loved” I want to combine both – a performance piece that will tell the story of the song.”


“I am looking forward to collaborating with Bentley,” expresses Poppy. “I am interested in integrating various dance styles, questioning how a performer presents themselves and crafting all the bewildering space in between. ”

Ben and Poppy are looking for dancers of all ages, backgrounds and experience to perform a contemporary piece for the video shoot. Dancers must be flexible to attend several rehearsals held at Shrewsbury College as well as the video shoot itself. Dancers under 16 years old will need written permission and clearance to be filmed from their parent or guardian.

Auditions will be held on 28th May 2014 11.30am at Shrewsbury College (Performing Arts Block), London Road, Shrewsbury, SY2 6PR, UK. For more information and details please contact Poppy Mansfield – poppy.yumi@hotmail.co.uk.

NEW SINGLE: “Evolve” out now!

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May 022014

01 Evolve (Original Mix)4.12£0.69
02 Evolve (PHUNKSTAR Vocal Mix)5.53£0.69
03 Evolve (Instrumental)4.12£0.69
04 Evolve (PHUNKSTAR Radio Mix)3.35Free Download
05 Evolve (Vocal Stem)4.03Free Download

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Bentley inducted onto Ironworks “Wall of Fame”!

 Posted by at 2:00 pm on April 30, 2014
Apr 302014

Most of you are aware that our Ben takes his body and his fitness very seriously, and his new image proves just that. But his efforts have even caught the attention of the infamous body building gym Ironworks, who have inducted him onto their “Wall of Fame”. So when Ben popped in for his regular workout earlier this week, he grabbed a couple of snapshots for us:

Gym owner and trainer Darren Young personally offered this prestigious honour which is reserved for “athletic achievements and exceptional members”. His gym in Kings Norton, near Bentley’s home town, is notorious for spawning many of the UK’s and some of the world’s most successful body-builders and competition lifters, and it is currently where Bentley regularly trains.

NEW REMIX! Bentley doesn’t let Rita Ora down…

 Posted by at 5:36 pm on April 29, 2014
Apr 292014

Rita Ora is back with her enormous Calvin Harris-produced track “I Will Never Let You Down”, which comes accompanied by an equally enormous PHUNKSTAR remix produced by our Bentley that has already been sent to club and radio promotion. Check out Bentley’s latest remix below:

Evolve: Artwork Revealed!

 Posted by at 2:53 pm on April 25, 2014
Apr 252014

I wanted to change my image this year… I wanted to grow up a little… I wanted to Westernise myself without ignoring my roots… I wanted to push the envelope… I wanted to take things to a darker, more interesting place… I wanted to stay true to myself… I wanted to Evolve…

This was a really interesting shoot in the sense that it was so simple and happened so fast. The stills were taken at the same shoot as the promo video in between takes. To get a complimentary light on the skin as well as accentuate the muscle shapes we simply used 1 soft box positioned at a high angle to illuminate the face and cast shadows under the muscles at the same time. Like my best friend Leckie said – “most often the simplest ideas are the most effective.”

These are by far my favourite promo shots. I always begin my projects with an image in mind and these pictures are ***exactly*** what I was imagining. This is also the first shoot since being 100% independent again which makes me even more proud.

Let the evolution commence.

Mar 122014

UK girl band the Saturdays will be unleashing their monstrous new single next month “Not Giving Up”, but before its release a PHUNKSTAR remix will be doing the rounds on radio and club promo. We’ll get an audio clip for you soon, in the meantime here’s the amazing original version: