Bentley helps Demi Lovato stay “Cool for the Summer”

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Aug 192015

We just don’t know how he’s doing it… As well as making his first UK press appearances in the run-up to the release of “The Prequel” EP on 31st August and preparing for his succeeding UK album scheduled for release in October, Ben is still managing to find time to produce his chart-topping remixes for other artists too. Next in line is none other than the sultry Demi Lovato with her huge anthem “Cool for the Summer”.

The PHUNKSTAR remix produced by Ben will be promoted here in the UK next month. In the meantime, check out the original version below.

Jul 172015

The Prequel - ProfileSome light has been shed on Ben’s mysterious new EP “The Prequel” – out on 31st August – in an exclusive interview for Vents Magazine.

Ben reveals that the compilation EP is simply a preliminary release in anticipation of his first ever UK album. Consisting of 3 previously released songs, “The Prequel” is a means to introduce Bentley to UK listeners who may not be familiar with his work before releasing an album of brand new original material later this year.

This next album will be the first time Ben will be promoting in his homeland as well as making his first UK press appearances and will be huge step in his already illustrious career.

Read the full Vents Magazine interview right here.

Jul 072015

The Prequel - ProfileA new Bentley Jones EP was quietly added to the release schedule last week. Simply titled “The Prequel” the compilation consists of 3 prominent tracks from Bentley’s recent projects including “Follow You Down” from the album “Defying Gravity”. The edition of the EP will include previously unreleased song “Disco Down” as a bonus track that Ben previewed a live version of on his official YouTube channel.

Not much else has been revealed about this EP. Though strangely it has already been gathering coverage on over 20 UK-based blogs, unlike any of his previous releases. Perhaps this, along with its suggestive title, indicates that it is the preliminary stage of Bentley’s highly anticipated next project…?

“The Prequel” will be released on 31st August. Expect more information to be revealed very soon.

Bentley Jones x Addicted for exclusive shoot

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Jun 052015

BeBentley Jones - DG Press Shot 1ntley has teamed up with clothing designer brand Addicted for an exclusive underwear and swimwear photoshoot.

Modelling for the Barcelona-based company, the shoot will take place in Greece where pictures will be captured for 2 of Ben’s forthcoming projects that are yet to be announced. After celebrating his 30th birthday in style with the enormous covers project “TRANS//LATION 3”, this collaboration will show a more mature, sexy side to Bentley that you won’t have seen before, embracing the fact that our little Ben-chan is growing up.

Keep an eye on social media at the end of this month for a first glimpse of these steamy photos. In the meantime “TRANS//LATION 3: The Complete Anthology” has been scheduled for release on 15th July with artwork and track list being revealed shortly.

May 272015

In typical Bentley fashion, a short preview of a brand new “So Much More…” was revealed on social media earlier today. The song will feature on Ben’s “Play (TRANS//LATION 3 Chapter III)” EP released on Saturday.

“Play” is the third and final instalment of Bentley’s TRANS//LATION 3 covers project released to celebrate his birthday. Each chapter focuses on a specific area of Ben’s career, with “Play” concentrating on his various soundtrack work. As well as self covers of “So Much More…” originally from the video-game “Sonic & SEGA All-stars Racing” and “Your Sunrise” theme from a Japanese TEKKEN arcade title, the EP includes Bentley’s interpretations of “Sanctuary” from “Kingdom Hearts II”, “Still Alive” from “Mirror’s Edge”, “As the World Falls Down” from one of Ben’s favourite movies “Labyrinth” and “Narakunohana” from the anime “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai”.

“Play” will be available from all international retailers on Saturday but will be exclusively be available right here on tomorrow. “TRANS//LATION 3: The Complete Anthology” – the limited edition physical collection of the entire project – will have its release date announced within the next week or so. However, you can already preorder it right here.

May 082015

Play (TRANS//LATION 3 Chapter III)The third and final instalment of Ben’s epic covers project “TRANS//LATION 3” has been revealed. In a 20 sec video clip released on social media Ben reveals what sounds like the theme from Kingdom Hearts 2 “Sanctuary” followed by the artwork for the EP which is simply titled “Play”.

The cover was created by Malaysian artist “Ieka” who has followed Bentley’s work for many years. Impressed by her skills and style, Ben approached Ieka directly and requested her to design the artwork for “Play”.

The next track confirmed for “Play” is seemingly the holy grail of unreleased Bentley tracks. Fans have been searching vigorously the fabled theme from a TEKKEN arcade title that Ben recorded in 2013. Released exclusively in Japan, “Your Sunrise” was originally a collaboration with Bandai-Namco Sound Team member Taku Inoue. Now an exclusive new version arranged by Bentley will feature on the 3rd instalment of the TRANS//LATION 3 project.

“Play” is scheduled for international release on 30th May. Previous instalments “Home (Chapter I)” and “Inspire (Chapter II)” are available now, and “TRANS//LATION 3: The Complete Anthology” is available for pre-order along with the official T3 T-Shirt.

“Inspire (Chapter II)” Artwork and Track list revealed!

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Apr 182015

frontcover_1_600x600Last night Ben unveiled the artwork and track list for the latest instalment of his TRANS//LATION 3 project titled “Inspire (Chapter II)”.

Following the trend set by “Home (Chapter I)”, “Inspire” is a collection of J-pop songs to celebrate Ben’s extensive career in Japan over the past 6 years. It includes covers of Daichi Miura / 三浦 大知 (The Answer), Namie Amuro / 安室奈美恵 (Stardust in my Eyes), YUI (CHE.R.RY), Tohoshinki / 東方神起 / TVXQ (どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?) and Ayumi Hamasaki / 浜崎あゆみ (M) who gave personal approval of Ben’s Japanese debut in 2009 and whose management would later exclusively sign Ben as their first ever foreign writer and producer.

“Inspire” is due for release on 30th April.

Buy this album (ZIP Pack containing 5x MP3s)buy-now-button_91x28£4.19
01The Answer3.59

05Stardust in my Eyes3.25
Apr 102015

Moi... LolitaNews has reached us of a new song from Bentley that has been crafted to feature in a production by the Royal Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England.

“Delectable Sin (Baby Blue Eyes)” will be the theme of a brand new play that will enjoy an exclusive run next month, with dark lyrics Ben has written about obsession and betrayal, as well as accompaniment by the New York Brass Band.

“The song is as delicious as the title implies,” says producer Marie Ryan. “It’s perfect for our production and is a type of song that Ben has never done before, sure to surprise and excite his fans.”

A video for “Delectable Sin” will also be shot next month. No release details have been revealed yet.

In the meantime, the TRANS//LATION 3 project continues full steam ahead with track list and artwork for “Inspire (Chapter II)” being revealed within the next week. “Home (Chapter I)” is available in all retailers and here in the Official Shop right now.

Mar 152015

home_digital_600x600TRANS//LATION 3 is finally here, the highly anticipated sequel covers album from Bentley. The 3rd sequel album kicks off on the artist’s 30th birthday – the 6th anniversary of his first TRANS//LATION album – and will be released in 3 main chapters, each one with its own individual theme reflecting on a specific part of Bentley’s career. “Home (Chapter I)” is a collection of English Western songs hand picked by Ben and transformed by his unique and ground breaking arrangements and productions.

Buy this album (ZIP Pack containing 6x MP3s)buy-now-button_91x28£5.19
01Rhythm Nation3.48
02Stay With Me3.27
03The Kill (Bury Me)3.57
05Moi... Lolita4.34
06Crazy for You3.52