Dec 082014

The Closing of the YearBen’s 2013 holiday EP “The Closing of the Year” has been updated with 2 new songs! A cover of the Wham! classic “Last Christmas” in both English and Japanese.

The new version of the EP is currently on its way to retailers – available worldwide for the first time! But we have the entire thing for you to download and enjoy right here and right now!


Full album ZIP Pack (8x MP3s)buy-now-button_91x28£5.00
01Auld Lang Syne3.44
02The Closing of the Year4.12
04Last Christmas3.56
05Joyful (Wynter Remaster)4.44
07The Closing of the Year (Ben-Only Version)4.12
08Last Christmas (Japanese Version)3.56
Alternative Artwork
Dec 062014

The Closing of the Year (Re-Issue)Whether you’re partying through the holiday season with some electronic pulses or chilling to some reinvented Christmas classics, Bentley is obliging his fans by making several of his previous releases available internationally – with some reissues featuring brand new tracks! And with Bentley teasing about a surprise release, they could be arriving any day now!

Last year’s Christmas EP “The Closing of the Year” is being redistributed internationally with 2 brand new tracks just in time for the holidays. Other releases, previously restricted due to licensing issues, will also be re-released making them available internationally including “ICUCM” and “TRANS//LATION 2”.

UPGRADE 1.0 [International Edition]These reissues will accompany the release of “UPGRADE 1.0 [International Edition]” – a collection of Bentley’s work from Japan entirely remastered and brought up-to-date. A selection of the songs have been remixed and 2 have been re-recorded and rearranged entirely. The album will also include 2 new songs from that era. Although the original Japan Edition is no longer available in retailers, we still have some physical copies left as well as downloads right here at

Meanwhile don’t forget Ben’s latest studio album “Defying Gravity” is now available in all retailers as well as here on the official site in the exclusive deluxe format.

Bentley will be unleashing these reissues on a as-soon-as-they-are-finished basis with the first release set to appear imminently. There will be no pre-release announcements so consider this your official heads up. On your marks… get set…!!

Nov 052014

Bentley in RehearsalsTomorrow Bentley will be performing live as part of a consideration process for him to become an ambassador for the UK organisation B-Hive.

The volunteer-led group provides social activities and events for vulnerable adults as well as their friends, families and supporters. Undergoing recent and continuing expansion, B-Hive has been looking for a public figure to represent the group as well as provide a positive role model for its existing members.

“As well as being an incredibly talented artist,” explains founder Carlton, “Bentley’s music encourages a message of tolerance, understanding and inclusion that is identical to our ethos. Many of our members are already big fans of his music and his videos”

“The “Axiomatis” video particularly caught my eye,” adds chairperson Marie. “The way he managed to involve his fans from all around the world was inspiring. It’s that type of visionary that we want for our group.”

Bentley will be performing live at B-Hive’s Bonfire Party tomorrow the 6th November in front of the organisation’s staff and existing members which is also open to the public. Tickets are available from B-Hive on 0333 5777 810 or e-mail

Oct 302014

Meghan_Trainor_-_All_About_That_Bass_(Official_Single_Cover)[1]While Bentley’s latest album “Defying Gravity” continues to make an impact with his fans as well as on YouTube, he’s still managing to find time to help out other artists with his incredible studio skills. Next waiting patiently in line for his notorious PHUNKSTAR treatment is none other than Meghan Trainor who wasn’t content with simply dominating the charts around the world with her debut “All About That Bass” – with Bentley’s help she wants to dominate the clubs too.

Ben’s PHUNKSTAR remix of “All About That Bass” has already been selected by DMC DJs to be Remix of the Week as well as featuring as the opening track on “The Best of DMC 23″ collection despite only recently being produced! The mix will also be sent to club and radio promo next week.

Check out Meghan’s original video for “All About That Bass” below.

Defying Gravity is out now!!

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Oct 152014

DG_catalogueshot_800x800The long journey that has led Bentley through his latest album’s production is almost at an end. “Defying Gravity” is available now from all online retailers as well as right here on

Over 2 years in the making, this is Bentley’s biggest album to date encompassing the singles “Evolve” and “Nothing. Everything.” as well as the long awaited theme from Capcom’s “Devil May Cry 4″… a reworking of “新世紀エヴァンゲリオン” from “Neon Genesis Evangelion”… a co-write with Final Fantasy artist Frances Maya… music videos shot on location around Europe… his most elaborate album artwork to date… and his first ever CD+DVD release. With first run pre-orders selling out within 12 hours this could very well be Bentley’s most successful release to date.

Click here to preview and buy “Defying Gravity: Deluxe Edition”

In the early hours Bentley revealed his latest music video from the album for the track “Axiomatis”, which was created with his fans and even features some of them in the video.

Aug 052014

Neon.Genesis.Evangelion.full_.1353773[1]After confirmation from Capcom that the long-awaited “Devil’s Cry” from the video-game series “Devil May Cry” will be featured on Bentley’s forthcoming album “Defying Gravity”, another thought-to-be-lost track is confirmed to be re-recorded and rearranged for the new release. This time it’s the legendary theme from the Japanese anime Evangelion [新世紀エヴァンゲリオン] – “Zankoku na tenshi no teze” [残酷な天使のテーゼ].

Bentley originally recorded this cover for the anime project “WE Я ANIMADE” back in 2011 which was eventually abandoned in lieu of his sequel album “TRANS//LATION 2”. After several live performances of the song and it recently airing on internet radio, TV Tokyo have officially confirmed that Bentley’s cover will feature on his forthcoming album “Defying Gravity” with explicit approval of Ben’s brand new arrangement, significantly different to the original, from the original composers.

Just like “Devil’s Cry”, “Zankoku” has been given some spit and polish including brand new vocals to bring it up-to-date with Bentley’s latest work. “Defying Gravity” has now finished production and a release date is expected to be announced soon. In the meantime, the singles “Evolve” and “Nothing. Everything.” are available now.

Jul 212014

Frances MayaDespite sporting a new Westernised image and sound, Bentley hasn’t forgotten his Japanese roots and has collaborated with Frances Maya – known for contributing her vocals on several Final Fantasy soundtracks amongst other projects – who has written lyrics for the Japanese version of “Nothing. Everything.”, the original English version being the second single from the forthcoming album “Defying Gravity”.

Frances and Bentley previously worked together while promoting his album “UPGRADE 1.0” in Japan and have been good friends ever since.

“Frances is such a wonderful person and talented artist,” says Bentley. “I’m truly grateful to have her beautiful words on this album and hopefully work with her again in the future!”

The release date of the new album “Defying Gravity” is expected to be announced soon. In the meantime you can check out the preceding singles “Evolve” and “Nothing. Everything”.

Jul 012014

radiosega-1-620x350[1]Bentley is booked in to be RadioSEGA‘s next special guest on their next Live Lounge session. Tune in this Thursday at 8pm BST to hear him take questions and play some never before heard tunes!

Ariana Grande is no Problem for brand new PHUNKSTAR remix

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Jun 272014

Ben has been super busy pushing his forthcoming album “Defying Gravity” into the final stages of production, putting other projects temporarily on hold. But nothing could stop him booking in Ariana Grande in for his PHUNKSTAR remix treatment with her smasher “Problem” featuring Iggy Azalea. Already a monster hit across the pond, Bentley’s official remix will go to club and radio promo in time for its UK release next week.

Jun 232014

Devil May Cry 4It’s been a long while in the making, but finally video-game publisher Capcom have confirmed that Bentley’s rearrangement of the Devil May Cry 4 theme “Shall Never Surrender” entitled “Devil’s Cry” shall receive an official release on Bentley’s forthcoming album.

An early version of Bentley’s “Devil’s Cry” was uploaded to YouTube 3 years ago and has garnered nearly half a million hits without receiving any form of release. This version had approval from the original franchise’s lead composer Tetsuya Shibata, who has discussed collaborating with Bentley later this year.

Now Capcom have given approval for a new official version to be released as part of the CD edition of Bentley’s forthcoming album titled “Defying Gravity”. The new version will be re-recorded and revamped to bring it up-to-date with the album’s style and sound.

Bentley’s new album has been preceded by the singles “Evolve” and “Nothing. Everything.” out now.