NEW SINGLE: “Evolve” out now!

 Posted by at 1:00 am on May 2, 2014
May 022014

01 Evolve (Original Mix)4.12£0.69
02 Evolve (PHUNKSTAR Vocal Mix)5.53£0.69
03 Evolve (Instrumental)4.12£0.69
04 Evolve (PHUNKSTAR Radio Mix)3.35Free Download
05 Evolve (Vocal Stem)4.03Free Download

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Bentley inducted onto Ironworks “Wall of Fame”!

 Posted by at 2:00 pm on April 30, 2014
Apr 302014

Most of you are aware that our Ben takes his body and his fitness very seriously, and his new image proves just that. But his efforts have even caught the attention of the infamous body building gym Ironworks, who have inducted him onto their “Wall of Fame”. So when Ben popped in for his regular workout earlier this week, he grabbed a couple of snapshots for us:

Gym owner and trainer Darren Young personally offered this prestigious honour which is reserved for “athletic achievements and exceptional members”. His gym in Kings Norton, near Bentley’s home town, is notorious for spawning many of the UK’s and some of the world’s most successful body-builders and competition lifters, and it is currently where Bentley regularly trains.

NEW REMIX! Bentley doesn’t let Rita Ora down…

 Posted by at 5:36 pm on April 29, 2014
Apr 292014

Rita Ora is back with her enormous Calvin Harris-produced track “I Will Never Let You Down”, which comes accompanied by an equally enormous PHUNKSTAR remix produced by our Bentley that has already been sent to club and radio promotion. Check out Bentley’s latest remix below:

Evolve: Artwork Revealed!

 Posted by at 2:53 pm on April 25, 2014
Apr 252014

I wanted to change my image this year… I wanted to grow up a little… I wanted to Westernise myself without ignoring my roots… I wanted to push the envelope… I wanted to take things to a darker, more interesting place… I wanted to stay true to myself… I wanted to Evolve…

This was a really interesting shoot in the sense that it was so simple and happened so fast. The stills were taken at the same shoot as the promo video in between takes. To get a complimentary light on the skin as well as accentuate the muscle shapes we simply used 1 soft box positioned at a high angle to illuminate the face and cast shadows under the muscles at the same time. Like my best friend Leckie said – “most often the simplest ideas are the most effective.”

These are by far my favourite promo shots. I always begin my projects with an image in mind and these pictures are ***exactly*** what I was imagining. This is also the first shoot since being 100% independent again which makes me even more proud.

Let the evolution commence.

Mar 122014

UK girl band the Saturdays will be unleashing their monstrous new single next month “Not Giving Up”, but before its release a PHUNKSTAR remix will be doing the rounds on radio and club promo. We’ll get an audio clip for you soon, in the meantime here’s the amazing original version:

Feb 132014

staythenightRecently here in ol’ Blighty, we’ve been getting used to State-side releases taking a little while before reaching our side of the pond – and Zedd’s “Stay the Night” featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore is no exception. Nearly 4 months after its initial release in the US of A the song has finally been unleashed on UK shores this week. But the wait has been more than worth it as it comes with Bentley’s first PHUNKSTAR remix of 2014!

This latest production sparks the initiative to experiment with mixing symphonic elements alongside the trademark PHUNKSTAR electronic flairs. The result? Something quite enormous sounding. Check it out for yourself below.

The Closing of the Year – Track by Track

 Posted by at 9:25 pm on December 10, 2013
Dec 102013

The Closing of the YearLike I’ve said before, I’ve been wanting to record something for Christmas for a while now. And although my schedule toward the end of this year has been hectic, I really didn’t want to leave it for another 12 months. So in the space of 2 weeks I pulled together “The Closing of the Year” before my return to Tokyo! Now I want to take this opportunity to explain why I chose these tracks and how they came together…

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THE CLOSING OF THE YEAR: Artwork and info!

 Posted by at 10:14 pm on November 22, 2013
Nov 222013

The Closing of the YearWhile “The Place Where Dreaming Ends” performed really well, I still wanted to end this year on something special. The intention was to wind things down towards the end of 2013 so I can concentrate more on writing and producing. Whether that ends up being the case or not is up to you – if enough of you ask me for new music then I’ll make time. (~.^)

And I always wanted to make a Christmas album. The problem has simply been time. Between producing, writing, remixes and travelling it has been very difficult finding time to continue working on my own projects. Which is why the release of “The Closing of the Year” might seem last minute – because it has been! (^^) Continue reading »

Oct 292013

Robin ThickeDespite Bentley having minor jaw surgery last week (no, the procedure wasn’t successful – he’s still talking…) it hasn’t stopped the rest of the world wanting a slice of his musical finesse. Currently at the front of the queue is Robin Thicke who wants a revamp of his global smash “Blurred Lines” in time for the holidays. A new official remix has been commissioned to fill a gap in the existing line-up of remixes that only Bentley’s enormous, main club, tight productions can offer.

“By now everyone’s heard it a thousand times,” explains Ben. “So I’m going to take it a little further away from it roots and reinterpret it into a fresh, new, vocal mix that people can rediscover.”

The Phunkstar remix of “Blurred Lines” will be released to club and radio promo next month, and is the latest in a string of remixes Bentley has recently produced for Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and more. In the meantime, Bentley’s new video for his song “What Now…?” is being released this Friday on YouTube, taken from his latest EP “The Place Where Dreaming Ends” out now.