The Examined Life PODCAST

A fleeting commentary rather than a banal examination.

Love. Life. Music. Performing. Travel. Industry. Past. Present. Identity. Sexuality. Gender. 

Everything you can think of and all that’s in between. Comment below with your suggestion of topics you’d like to hear me talk about on my upcoming podcast. Ask me a question and I may answer it in an episode…!

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  1. AronHiatt

    Can we hear the story of The Legend of Toby and the gaming antics.

  2. AronHiatt

    I have a complaint.

    1. AronHiatt

      Issue has been solved ????

  3. lyric

    if a fan does a remix of one of your songs, are we allowed to release it on their SoundCloud

    1. AronHiatt

      Aggressive rocks newborn

  4. ShugoHanasaki

    What are your feelings on the discrimination within in our own community (LGBTQ+) I understand at the end of the day we may have different values and morals, but it really depresses me at times when our community ends up attacking each other. Without putting too much pressure; do you have any advice on it?

  5. AronHiatt

    More has come!
    If you and papi do a conversation together, definitely wanna hear about the “this is was what we do for work” conversations, the first time meeting the parents, and one thing that you can’t stand about each other, and one thing you adore about each other.

    What was the easiest music video you’ve done, the middle and the hardest to do?
    What went down in Tokyo (specifically the streets of Shinjuku)?
    What is the scariest movie and or game you’ve played, and how did that go?

    This one isn’t a question but a request. Record the first time you try VR when you have the chance and share that 😜

    1. Bentley

      Just as brilliant as set of Qs as before. 👏👏👏

  6. AronHiatt

    I’d love to hear about the start and rise of Phunkstar, including the challenges and processes that go into remixing songs for others, as well as your own.

    What are some of the biggest hurdles you’ve faced with singing in different languages.

    Whilst out in the world wherever it may have been, have you had any weird, awkward or funny interactions whilst performing for a music video by the people unknowingly walking near/past the crazy guy dancing in front of a camera, singing and or mouthing lyrics.

    Why a cassette version of The Examined Life?

    More to come later 🤔

    1. Bentley

      This is such a good set of questions! Definitely will be able to slot these in. 😋

  7. lyric

    as a producer and songwriter myself what do you start with melodies, lyrics or the music for the track

    1. Bentley

      I’ve thought about doing an episode on my creative process…. just wanna make sure I have enough to talk about though. 😅

      1. lyric

        you do for sure

  8. MarekSterling

    I’d love to hear about some of your favorite places you’ve visited in Japan, as well as any activities that you may have done while there, other than the music of course. 😜

    1. Bentley

      Omg…. I have soooooooo many stories from my time in Japan. 😜

  9. PsiTechtive77

    I was thinking how did you were able to work with SEGA to make all those songs for the Sonic franchise, including “Dreams of an Absolution”? And I wonder more on your thoughts about Silver the Hedgehog.

    1. Bentley

      I definitely wanna touch on my time with SEGA and Sonic….. 😏

  10. Dakota_Jones

    Life events leading up to present day, Past Choices that may have ended in Regret, Interviews with Previous Collaborators, Discussing Various Food, Daily life and all of it’s Blessings or Challenges, Favorite Movies/Games/Bands & Artists, Coping with Depression, Unique experiences had from traveling all over the world, The struggles with Toxic Family/Friends/Business Partners, How to overcome “Artistic Blocks”

    1. Bentley

      Woah, I could make the entire series with these suggestions alone!! 👏👏👏 Thanks man!

      1. Dakota_Jones

        I was just spitballing ideas, so I may have overdone it a bit… But yeah, no problem 😅✌ lol

  11. Bentley

    Do it. DO IT! You know you want to. 💋 Leave your topic suggestions and questions right here! Thanks bb! 😘