Finally Freed:
B.Mix.D Volume 2

Album | 1st December 2018

Unveiling the 2nd volume in his remix series - "Finally Freed" is a revisit to his much beloved 2010 EP. Each song has been loving restored with new vocals, new mixes and in places a whole new arrangement. The physical edition has a bonus disc containing the full 2010 EP in its unedited original glory for the first time ever.

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2x CD Edition*
includes "Finally Freed" MP3 download
2x CD Edition + 2019 10th Anniversary Calendar* £16.99
includes "Finally Freed" MP3 download
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01ST4LK3R (Freed) 4.35
02Waiting for Clouds Pt. II4.33
03Down in Tokyo (Freed)4.39
04Birdcage Pt. II5.43
05Sakura Pt. II4.50
06Road Trip to Oblivion (Freed)3.57
07Be It That Forever (Freed)4.59
BONUS DISC: Original 2010 Recording
CD Edition Only
02ST4LK3R 4.33
03Waiting for Clouds4.31
04Down in Tokyo4.34
06Sakura ~Beautiful Sadness~4.30
07Road Trip to Oblivion v23.57
08Sakura (Reprise)1.40
09Be It That Forever4.08