My December
(The Closing of the Year Reissued Deluxe)

Album | 25th November 2016

Exclusive to, the Deluxe Edition of 'My December' includes exclusive songs, remixes, track-by-track commentary and is also available on limited edition CD.

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CD Edition £13.99buy-now-button_91x28£7.99
01My December4.46
02I Want to Hold Your Hand3.57
03Still Here (Another Year)4.11
05Simple and Clean (theme from Kingdom Hearts)5.03
06Last Christmas*3.49
07The Closing of the Year*4.10
08Auld Lang Syne*3.43
09Still Here (Rayman Rave Remix)**3.42
10光 (theme from Kingdom Hearts)**5.03
11Last Christmas (Japanese Version)* **4.04
12蛍の光* **3.43
13The Closing of the Year (PHUNKSTAR Remix)**5.43
14Track-by-track: Introduction**1.40
15Track-by-track: My December**1.32
16Track-by-track: I Want to Hold Your Hand**1.39
17Track-by-track: Still Here**2.22
18Track-by-track: River**1.58
19Track-by-track: Simple & Clean / 光**2.12
20Track-by-track: Last Christmas**1.12
21Track-by-track: The Closing of the Year**1.47
22Track-by-track: Auld Lang Syne / 蛍の光**2.31
*Indicates new reissued master recording
**Deluxe edition only tracks