10th Anniversary Album

Album | June 21 2019 ( | July 19 (Retailers)

Bentley's anniversary celebrations continue with this brand new J-pop covers album. Featuring his Nodojiman performance song "Get Wild", the anniversary version of "Final Night" and the brand new single "Dancing Hero 2019".

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01Dancing Hero 20194.10
02強く儚い者たち (T10 Version)4.10
03Depend on me (T10 Version)3.49
04Don't wanna cry (T10 Version)5.02
05Devil Trigger (Battle Theme from "Devil May Cry 5")4.45
06素直になれたら ~FINAL NIGHT~ (T10 Version)4.40
07Dreams of an Absolution 20195.19
08気分上々↑↑ (T10 Version)4.12
09GLAMOROUS SKY (T10 Version)4.31
10Face My Fears (Theme from Kingdom Hearts 3) [Japanese Version]4.02
11Get Wild ("のどじまんTHEワールド!" Performance Song)3.59
12Lovers Again4.50
13強く儚い者たち (PHUNKSTAR's
"OMG! This Sounds Familiar..." Remix)
14GLAMOROUS SKY (T10 Original Version)4.32