10th Anniversary Album

Album | June 21 2019 ( | July 19 (Retailers)

Bentley's anniversary celebrations continue with this brand new J-pop covers album. Featuring his Nodojiman performance song "Get Wild", the anniversary version of "Final Night" and the brand new single "Dancing Hero 2019".

Finally Freed:
B.Mix.D Volume 2

Album | 1st December 2018

Unveiling the 2nd volume in his remix series - "Finally Freed" is a revisit to his much beloved 2010 EP. Each song has been loving restored with new vocals, new mixes and in places a whole new arrangement. The physical edition has a bonus disc containing the full 2010 EP in its unedited original glory for the first time ever.

Unravelling Premium

Album | 1st December 2017

An epic collection featuring Unravelling Deluxe CD and Deluxe DVD, B.Mix.D Volume 1 CD as well as exclusive track-by-track commentary album and photo/lyric book.

Unravelling Deluxe

Album | 1st December 2017 (
16th March 2018 (Retail Version)

The deluxe edition of Bentley's 2017 masterpiece finally arrives with new songs and a bonus DVD which contains a whopping 9 music videos.

B.Mix.D Volume 1: Unravelling

Album | 27th October 2017

Bentley's first artist remix album reworks his latest masterpiece "Unravelling" into an epic collection of EDM, alt-rock and chillout remixes. A 24-minute non-stop club mix is available exclusively from

My December
(The Closing of the Year Reissued Deluxe)

Album | 25th November 2016

Exclusive to, the Deluxe Edition of 'My December' includes exclusive songs, remixes, track-by-track commentary and is also available on limited edition CD.

The Rebellion: Reloaded

2 x CD Album | 6th November 2015

The physical edition of Bentley's masterpiece album exclusively includes the "Reloaded" EP which features a hand-picked selection of his songs fully reloaded into a brand new style. Includes lyric and artwork booklet. Click here for more info.

The Rebellion

Album | 6th November 2015

Bentley's first ever UK album is another stunning example of his infectious and powerful songwriting, this time taking on a more darker and mature tone.

TRANS//LATION 3: The Complete Anthology

CD Album, MP3 Download | 15th July 2015

The complete T3 collection features all 3 chapters as well as an exclusive 4th chapter.

Defying Gravity: Deluxe Edition

Studio Album | 15th October 2014

Ben's 2014 album is another testament to his songwriting and artistry. Includes themes from "Devil May Cry" and "Evangelion". The Standard Edition is available from all retailers.

UPGRADE 1.0: Japan Edition

Studio Album | 24th October 2012

Bentley’s 2nd album for Japan saw him collaborate with the country’s brightest stars including J-pop princess May J., rapper SHUN and the soulful Tomomi Shibata, as well as a new collaboration with the son of Dr. Dre; Curtis Young.


Album | 1st June 2011

The bi-ligual sequel covers album featured brand new versions of Bentley's single FINAL NIGHT as well as Dreams of an Absolution - Bentley's famed song from Sonic the Hedgehog. Its release made Bentley the 19th most viewed musician on YouTube.

So Much More...

main theme of "Sonic & SEGA All-stars Racing"
EP | 19th January 2010

This epic release features its iconic title track as well as "Swing Baby!" which was one of 3 tracks featured in a promotion for US social network Gaia Online that received a staggering 1.1 million streams in just 5 days.