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Show You Love

Single | October 30 2020

Ben's latest collaboration with chart topping dance producer Rayman Rave.

First Love

Single | October 16 2020

The first part of Ben's collaboration with 9monsters - the #1 LGBT app in Asia.

I Don't Really Care (Audio Assassin)

Single | July 10 2020

The 2nd cut from Bentley's 2020 album.

I Could Be Your Girl (PHUNKSTAR Radio Mix)

Single | July 3 2020

The hotly anticipated remix arrives after being teased at the Global Pride live premiere.

I Could Be Your Girl (Rayman Rave Edit)

Single | June 26 2020

"Girl" gets fired up for the weekend by regular club chart topping producer Rayman Rave.

I Could Be Your Girl

Single | June 12 2020

The mysterious lead single from Bentley's first original album in 3 years.

Dreams of an Absolution

Single | June 21st 2019

Marking the initial release of his 10th anniversary album, Bentley's fabled hit song "Dreams..." is unleashed in brand new form as a single for the first time ever! From the album "TRANS//LATED: 10th Anniversary Album".

Devil Trigger

Single | May 17th 2019

Following the success of "Devil's Cry" - a reworking of the theme from "Devil May Cry 4" which sold over 1 million copies - "Devil Trigger" is the long awaited follow-up re-imagined into Bentley's signature epic rock/electronica/symphonica combo. From the album "TRANS//LATED: 10th Anniversary Album".

Dancing Hero 2019

Single | 25th March 2019

Marking 10 years to the day of his debut album's release, Bentley returns to his roots by re-imagining this J-pop classic into an enormous stomping anthem. From the album "TRANS//LATED: 10th Anniversary Album".

Final Night 2019 (素直になれたら)

Single | 4th March 2019

Celebrating 10 year since he broke the Japanese top 5 with the original version of this song, Bentley offers a brand new version of his J-pop smash that started his career in Asia.

Face My Fears

Single | 25th January 2019

After the resounding success of his previous themes, Bentley takes on the lead song from "Kingdom Hearts 3" with anticipated amounts of intensity and finesse.

Lay Down on My Heart

Single | 1st December 2018

Bentley's epic Japanese single has been transformed into a progressive anthem that'll have you catching all the feels on the dancefloor.

Lay Down on My Heart

Single | 20th October 2018

To mark the beginning of his 10th anniversary celebrations AND his performance on Japan's prestigious TV show "Nodojiman the World!" Bentley drops a new Japanese original; a heartache vibe set to Bentley's latest electro-pop arrangement style.

Get Wild

Single | 20th October 2018

Bentley's infectious reinvention of TM Network's theme from City Hunter gets its own release following Bentley's performance of the song on Japan's prestigious TV show "Nodojiman the World!"

Don't Wanna Cry 2018

Single | 16th September 2018

Bentley offers this stunning tribute to Namie Amuro upon her retirement, almost 10 years since Bentley's first version that appeared on his Japan debut.

The Rebellion VS Evolve

Single | 28th May 2018

As requested by his st4lk3rz, Bentley has ingeniously merged his two epic songs "The Rebellion" and "Evolve" into this incredible mashup.


Starlyte Remix
Single | 16th March 2018

Bentley's hauntingly poignant "Parachutes" is reinvented by the ingenious Starlyte into an epic EDM smash that'll have you raving hard in a tearful state all night long.

History Maker

theme from "Yuri!!! ON ICE"
Single | 2nd March 2018

"History Maker" is transformed into a trap-lace electronic masterpiece.


(千と千尋の神隠し/Spirited Away)
Single | 9th February 2018

Bentley's beautiful and haunting rendition of the theme from Studio Ghibli's "Spirited Away" is released as as single to retailers everywhere. Taken from the album "Unravelling Deluxe".

Sounds of the Summer - Remixes

Single | 9th September 2016

Tito & Miliani, Rayman Rave and PHUNKSTAR all take turns to transform Bentley's summer anthem into a club belter.

Sounds of the Summer

Single | 29th July 2016

The first cut from Ben's forthcoming 2016 album is a breezy anthem showcasing a brand new 80s-electronica infused sound around the catchiest hooks of the summer.


Single | 22nd April 2016

The 3rd single from the critically acclaimed album "The Rebellion" is a heart-warming anthem that Ben originally wrote as a teenager. Recorded and arranged especially for "The Rebellion" - complete with full choir - this single features a typically enormous remix interpretation by PHUNKSTAR.


Single | 29th January 2016

The 2nd single from the critically acclaimed album "The Rebellion" is a brooding ballad supported by an expansive, sophisticated arrangement. Includes the PHUNKSTAR Remix which transforms the song into an epic EDM anthem.

The Rebellion - Remixes

Single | 2nd October 2015

The first single and title track from Ben's first ever UK album. Includes remixes from PHUNKSTAR and Wolfgramm & Kleinberg.

The Rebellion

Single | 10th September 2015

The first single and title track from Ben's first ever UK album is a hard-hitting, enormous anthem set to ignite passion and gather recruits for his vigilante plight.

Moi... Lolita

Single | 22nd January 2015

The first single to be lifted from the TRANS//LATION 3 project and Bentley's first song fully recorded in French.

Nothing. Everything.

Single | 16th June 2014

The 2nd single to be lifted from the album Defying Gravity


Single | 2nd May 2014

The 1st single released from the album Defying Gravity.

ICUCM / Ain't Nobody

Single | 24th May 2013

Featuring 2 versions of the beautifully epic "ICUCM" as well as Ben's incredible take on the Chaka Khan classic.

Bad Boi

Single | 12th October 2011 (Japan) | 19th October 2011 (International)

This title is no longer available.

Songs from this title were also featured on UPGRADE 1.0 International Edition

Oh-Wei-Oh (Devil in Headphones)

Single | 24th August 2011 (Japan) | 14th September 2011 (International)

This title is no longer available.

This song was also featured on UPGRADE 1.0 International Edition

Devil's Cry (Shall Never Surrender)

Original Demo Version
Download | 20th August 2010

The original demo version of this magnificent Bentley reworking has become so popular we've made it available to download.

Alpha Dog (US Remixes)

Single | 5th July 2010

This title is no longer available.

As featured on DMC Essential Hits and Club Hits compilations, these exclusive remixes were released to promote the song on the West Coast USA.


Chaku-Uta single | 21st April 2009

This title is no longer available.

The second single released from Bentley's Japanese debut "TRANS//LATION".

素直になれたら ~FINAL NIGHT~

Single | 4th March 2009

This title is no longer available.

Bentley's debut single in Japan from his "TRANS//LATION" album went straight into the top 5 with 30,000 copies sold. It has since been covered by many artists and featured on many compilations.