The Place Where Dreaming Ends

EP | 4th October 2013

Ben's first independent EP in 3 years featured the epic title track, beautiful "What Now..?" as well as the song that spawned a craze "Bandana-na-na-na".

buy-now-button_91x28 ZIP Pack (5x MP3s) £3.15 £1.99

buy-now-button_91x28 01 What Now…? £0.69
buy-now-button_91x28 02 The Place Where Dreaming Ends £0.69
buy-now-button_91x28 03 A Letter to my Ex £0.69
buy-now-button_91x28 04 Look Mama! (They Stole My Song) £0.69
buy-now-button_91x28 05 BONUS TRACK: Bandana-na-na £0.69

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